If a postulant, (Latin; the one who asks) fulfils our strict criteria; they may then embark on a dedicated programme of study, which includes self-reflection, deepening self-awareness and spiritual exercises during their Postulancy before being eligible to join the Order into the Novitiate. The Postulant has regular contact with a Guardian; they are guided by spiritual questioning in order to deepen their spiritual progress. This process is necessary in order to be able to be accepted into the Priory-this rule cannot be wavered.

The Postulant at a later stage presents a paper to the “College” entitled “The alchemy of Fire”, later, also a paper of their choice. During the waiting period, or Postulancy; at least two attendances at a College are needed to be fulfilled. It may take up to a year or more before the Postulant is ready, they may be called upon at any time. Eventually they are invited for the Novitiate of the Priory of Sion; the first degree.

During the Novitiate, or first degree; a time in which they are further proved, the Novice may leave, or may be invited to leave the Priory if they are not deemed suitable.

After the period of Novitiate, the Adept studies further related esoteric knowledge in the course of a year, presents further papers; still under the tutelage of a Guardian. Additional spiritual exercises are bequeathed. The Adept then and only then takes the second degree, that of “Crusader” which means exactly that; the Adept is now on a Spiritual crusade to discover their Grail.

Prior to each degree, the Adept follows a course of instruction to prepare them for their unique Grail journey, one of the most secret books studied is the book of “M”.